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Saturday, November 9 12-2 PM Protests at TD BANKS! & Transfer your money elsewhere!

Saturday, Nov. 9, noon-2pm:   (Please forward this to people you know, and urge them to come, too)

 5th monthly protest at TD Banks (major investor in Tar Sands oil pipelines) in  Springfield, Northampton, Amherst, and Greenfield

Come if you can to the Springfield protest.   Our goal is for this one to be the biggest, so that we  finally get coverage of our message by the region’s major newspaper (the Republican) and network TV stations.    More details below.

Central theme and media hook :  “Funeral for Our Future”—10 participants carry mock black coffin covered with oil, singing “They are digging us a hole, They are digging us a hole,  Six feet underground,  Where the Tar Sands oil will flow.” . . . and other verses.   The rest of the crowd will join in and sing  too.    {This theme was powerfully used at a February protest in Boston:}

Scroll down for list of speakers and other background info 

--I’m stepping down in mid-November as coordinator of this campaign . . . who’ll step up?

Since April, I’ve been leading this campaign to Boycott TD Bank until it stops investing in Tar Sands oil pipelines.  Also, some of us have been training and preparing to use Civil Resistance (a.k.a ‘Civil Disobedience’, or non-violent direct action) as part of the campaign to capture the media and public’s attention about the climate crisis, and stopping the Keystone pipeline as one urgent essential step.  

I now plan to step back, after the Nov. 9 protests,  to pursue other priorities in my life; I do plan to attend future protests, including joining others engaging in CR, such as when the Pledge of Resistance calls for action by its 75,000 signers.  

So I invite anyone to step forward and take the baton from me.   On Monday  Oct. 21,  I’ll be meeting with the leaders of Climate Action Now of western Mass to see if they will  endorse and carry on the TD Bank campaign.  I’ll be glad to orient and train anyone who’d like to work on it, including passing over my files of contacts, both individuals  and organizations in the valley, and my list-serve of over 700 names.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Indigenous Nations Are at the Forefront of the Conflict With Transnational Corporate Power

Indigenous Nations Are at the Forefront of the Conflict With Transnational Corporate Power


The Story of Cooperation in America 
a film by Steve Alves

7 PM at the Garden Cinema
Greenfield, MA

Don't be sqhair!


Steve Alves 
FOOD For CHANGE: The Story of Cooperation in America
A provocative new film about the resurgence of food co-ops in the United States, featuring scenes about the Franklin Community Co-op! Our own Green Fields Market
7 PM
at the
Greenfield Garden Cinema
Don't be sqhair!

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From Hattie Nestel -:"Largest Solar Installation in the US Goes On Line!"

Patricia Hynes - War and the Tragedy of the Commons -a seires of articles appearimg in about the often forgotten environemtal consequences of militarism.

THIS WEEK on The Singing Wilderness and Eco Beat...
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10-17-13 ~ Hear Tom Neilson share beautiful, thoughtful songs from his latest album, "It's a Crime To Tell theTruth"

Wars happen because lies are told about them. Lies are told about past wars; Obama’s attempt to glorify Vietnam is a recent example. As Monsanto makes food policy with its ties to the White House and Cabinet, our food supply is put in a precarious position with lies about glyphosate and the consequences of genetic modification. Our potable water is threatened by gas and oil drilling, mountain top removal, radioactive waste, agricultural poisons, and climate change. Obama covers up radiation levels from Fukushima while 2 ½ years of radioactive waste fill up the Pacific and pollute our air, food and water. It is the end of the world as we know it because lies are told about the destruction of our natural resources and people - all so that a few can make billions off the spoilage. 98% of the voters voted for the above violations in the 2012 election. In Orwellian faux-patriotism, mass murder is honorable; “drones save lives;” “it isn’t torture unless there is organ failure;” annulling civil liberties keeps us safe and protects our freedoms; non-Wall Street candidates are “a threat to democracy.” Barack Obama, a constitutional law professor, tells the Yemeni government to keep a Yemeni journalist in jail, seemingly for reporting US drone attacks. “Guardian” newspaper computers are ordered destroyed by the government. Partners of journalists are detained at borders and harassed under ‘anti-terrorist’ laws. Journalists’ phone records, lap tops, and cell phones are confiscated. Whistleblowers reporting lies, waste, corruption, and abuse are arrested in record numbers, but Obama says they are not whistleblowers rather, traitors and criminals. We have attained a state of perpetual war, streamlined assassinations, and zero privacy of electronic communication. As Jeremy Scahill says, “The world is a battle ground,” and the Obama administration has arrested more people under the 1917 Espionage Act than all his predecessors combined. We are all journalists now, and it is a crime to tell the truth.
1  Must Be The Prozac                                   4:42          8  Something You Ate                                                   3:37
2  Little Voices 2013                                       3:12          9  Poppy and Nanny                                                      4:43
3  It’s A Crime                                                  3:59         10 The 2 Of Us                                                                4:50
4  John Kiriakou                                             2:29         11  Pilgrim                                                                        2:36
5  The Washington R-Word                          2:53        12  Ballad of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn                          4:41
6  Atheist In The Foxhole                              3:41         13  That Was The Week 2013                                      4:21
7  Common Good                                            3:04        14  Christmas In The Trenches                                    6:10
 “Art is about telling the truth ultimately. If there are people who don’t like the truth, you have to decide whether you want to do your art or whether you just want to do "small talk," because if you get away from the truth to please other people who want you to not tell the truth, you’ve lost the artist in you.”  Martha Beck
“Individuals have duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.  Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal 1950
 “It is horrifying that we have to fight our government 
   to save the environment.” Ansel AdamsTOM NEILSON CD Cover_V.jpg

Monday, October 14, 2013

Join a special program in London on 
Tuesday, October 29, 2013!

Rettet den Regenwald e.V.
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Biofuelwatch: Biomass and its impacts - invitation to public meeting in London

On Tuesday, 29th October, 7-9pm, Biofuelwatch we will be holding a free public meeting: “A Burning Issue – biomass and its impacts on forests and communities”, at the Lumen Centre in London (see for venue details). Spaces are limited, so please email us to reserve a place (  Please help to let others know about this event by forwarding this email and sharing it on Facebook,

Speakers from Brazil and the US will present first-hand experience of the impacts of the UK's biomass policies on forests and people in their countries.  This includes a presentation about the first ever case study published anywhere in the world about a land-grab for tree plantations specifically to grow wood to burn in our power stations (in Maranhão, Brazil). Those presentations will be followed by evidence about the impacts of biomass power stations on UK communities, especially on air quality and public health.
Winnie Overbeek, Coordinator of the World Rainforest Movement, will give a presentation about the impacts of eucalyptus plantations for wood pellet production in the Brazilian state of Maranhão on communities and Cerrado forests. Those plantations are being established by the Brazilian pulp and paper company Suzano Papel e Celulose, which has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with UK biomass company MGT Power.  MGT plans to build two large biomass power stations in the north-east of England and already has planning permission for one of them.

Scot Quaranda from the US conservation NGO Dogwood Alliance will speak about the impacts of pellet production by Drax’s supplier Enviva on southern US forests – including on remnants of highly biodiverse wetland forests.

Sophie Bastable from Biofuelwatch will summarise key impacts of biomass power stations on communities in the UK, especially on air quality and public health. We hope to also have a speaker from one of the affected UK communities.

For more details, please see:

The event coincides with the launch of a new report by Biofuelwatch, called Biomass: The Chain of Destruction. This will include an investigative report of biomass plantations in Maranhão, Brazil by World Rainforest Movement and CEPEDES (Center for Study and Research for the Development of the Southern Bahia Region). It will also include testimonies from Dogwood Alliance and from several community groups affected by UK biomass power stations.

Hope see you there,
Almuth Ernsting

Rainforest Rescue

Jupiterweg 15, 22391 Hamburg, Germany  •
Donation account:
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE11430609672025054100